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Branches Removal

Healthy Trees for Your Property

Life is much more enjoyable when there's a mighty tree in your yard. Whether you're swinging from a tire hanging from a thick branch or lying down on the ground gazing through the swaying canopy of leaves at the sky above, your tree is an extension of your home. Take care of your towering foliage with tree care services by TomCat Landscaping & Tree Care in Springfield, Vermont.

Pruning Tree Branch

Tree Pruning & Cutting

The addition of a tree can add exciting new possibilities for your home. You'll attract diverse flora and fauna to your yard, and you can treat yourself to new views every morning. You don't have to risk your physical well-being to take care of your tree, you can rely on us to maintain your tree's health with necessary cuts and pruning.

Tree & Stump Removal

When a tree is nearing the end of its long and fruitful life, it's time to make space for new landscaping and vegetation. Leave your tree removal to our team. We will determine the steps needed to keep your home safe and your landscape healthy during the removal process.

Tree Elevation

Dead and dying branches on your trees can rob fruitful areas of nutrients needed for new growth and can be unsightly. You can count on us to prune, cut and discard these for you. Protecting your investment in your beautiful outdoor spaces is just a phone call away.


Buckthorn  Removal

If you have an infestation of Buckthorn on your property:

  • Your home’s value can diminish.
  • Buckthorn overpowers native plants, stealing valuable nutrients, light, and moisture from native and selected plantings. Buckthorn is also toxic to other trees.
  • Buckthorn threatens the future of forests, wetlands, prairies, and other natural habitats.
  • Contributes to erosion by shading out other plants that grow on the forest floor.                   
  • Lacks the natural fall color change that we enjoy seeing.
  • Attracts insects or disease that would curb growth of other plant life, such as crown rust fungus and soybean aphids.
  • Buckthorn starves birds by causing them to dehydrate internally, causing death.
  • The berries also cause severe reactions in humans if ingested.

Newly Planted Tree

Tree Planting

Planting a tree can add beauty or privacy to any landscape. We will help you consider how a tree's placement and style will enhance the visual beauty of your overall homescape. We can also help you select foliage and blossoms that can complement nearby plants and structures.

Threatening Trees or Branches

Threatening Trees or Branches

Trees too close to your home can create two major issues, falling hazards, and root invasion. Being proactive, now, can mean time and money saved from having to react later.

It only takes one strong storm to knock down even the oldest and healthiest of trees. Falling onto your home or your neighbor’s can be traumatizing for both homeowners. We can help you decide tree placement and removal to mitigate any risk proximity creates.

Roots can burrow their way into the foundation of your home causing structural damage. Roots can also lead to water issues. We can be called on to ensure that any threat by roots is taken care of before damage has been done.