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Winter & Storm Cleanup Services

Cold weather and stormy conditions can affect your property. When a storm comes through dead tree limbs may not be the only thing to litter your property. We can do the heavy lifting to haul away the debris left over from severe weather. We will assess the damage, evaluate flooding or any factors that could lead up to it, and make professional recommendations to clean up the mess or prevent it. We're with you every step of the way.

Hardscape Stair With Snow Removed

Winter & Your Home

Dealing with winter the right way can save you money and hassle. For example, salt to melt ice is not the best option for all. Our team prefers to use sand as it will not corrode your concrete, asphalt or pavers like salt can. When spring arrives, the sand can be power pushed away, with no harm to the driveway or walkways. We offer this convenient service in a no-hassle package. Ensure your paths are safe to traverse and care for them at the same time. We also take the load off roofs by removing snow build-up that can lead to thousands of dollars in damages to your home.

Ice Dam

Ice Dams

Ice dams are formed when there is not enough airflow into your attic to keep the snow on your roof cool. The heat from your home melts the snow on the roof, which then runs off the side hitting the cold air outside. As time goes by, more snow melts with nowhere to go, and it backs up making a dam. This can damage your roof causing leaks and leading to major water damage if not caught in time. Having us clear snow from trouble spots after each snowfall will prevent this damage.

Let us take the stress of worrying about your walkways and roofs. Call today to be put on an automatic storm service list.

Collapsed Roof

Weight of the World

Snow that sits and does not melt will become packed and in time can add hundreds if not thousands of pounds of weight to your roof. If you feel the amount of snow on your roof is outside your comfort zone we will remove it for you. Do not risk standing on your roof with a shovel, let our skilled team with the right tools for the job get at it.

Storm Clean Up

Storm Clean Up

Should it be snow, rain or something worse, a passing storm can leave behind much wreckage. Cleaning this up after it happens or once the spring has come around (in some cases of frost) is stress you won't have to worry about.