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Give Your Yard a Facelift


Own a piece of paradise in your own yard. Where you see open space, we see a blank canvas for landscaping opportunities that add serenity to your life. If you find the sound of rushing water relaxing and peaceful, let us install a pondless waterfall in your yard. This installation adds another dimension to your garden. Maintenance is easy, and you don't have to worry about bugs, mosquitos, or algae. Other features we can install include fluorescent pebbles that glow at night, which adds a shroud of mystery and fantasy to your yard.

Beautiful Home with Wooden Deck

Porches and Custom Wood Works

Content on porches and custom wood works will be coming soon! Check back for updates.

Beautiful Landscape With Pond

Captivating Hardscapes

Enjoy the outdoor areas of your home with hardscape features like patios, retaining walls, and stairs. TomCat Landscaping & Tree Care uses only the best materials to create the exterior living space of your dreams. Whether you want a place to lay out and catch some rays or an area you can use to host friends and family for a cookout, we can plan out your hardscaping project down to the smallest stone to fulfill your vision of residential beauty and utility. Our company can even customize colors and designs to truly make your patios, stairs, and retaining walls unique to your home.

Change Your Landscape

Change the topography and look of your yard with excavation services by TomCat Landscaping & Tree Care. Our work allows water to flow in a way that doesn't erode the soil on your property. If your home is on the side of a hill, our excavation process reroutes the flow of rainwater away from your home to save your dwelling from any long-term damage. Call us to create the proper drainage for your property today.

House Demolitions

New Possibilities with Demolitions

Do you need to clear land for a new construction project? TomCat Landscaping & Tree Care offers demolition service for properties with preexisting structures. From acquiring permits to removing debris, we have you covered. We demolish homes and structures that have up to four floors on the property.